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The Platform

The Issues

Housing Affordability 

All citizens deserve an affordable and safe place to live.  While I don't believe that we have a housing crisis, we definitely have a supply problem.  We need to fix the problem by:

  • Creating a Housing Authority.
  • Advocating for accessible housing for our seniors.
  • Increasing & protecting available rental stock.
  • Further incentivize and fast track purpose built rentals.

Economic Development 

The majority of Squamish residents commute north and south to work.  Jobs are created by the private business sector. As a Council we need to improve our reputation and make it easier to do business here.  

  • Protect our industrial lands.
  • Fast-track commercial building permits. 
  • Create a diversified business climate.
  • Commercial property tax formula to help small business compete.
  • Improve parking Downtown. 

Local & Regional Transportation 

Create an affordable transportation network by:

  • Developing Regional Transportation network.
  • Connecting communities.
  • Public & private partnerships.
  • Pro-actively assess and plan for the impact of new development on existing neighbourhood roadways.
  • Advocating for better road safety such as concrete barriers to prevent head-on collisions.

Environmental Protection

The natural beauty of Squamish is undeniable.  We need to manage and preserve the land in a manner that balances development with proper stewardship of green space and wildlife.  Preservation of areas designated as green space, riparian lands and critical habitat is not an option but a responsibility.  

Get Involved

We can't win this race without your help. Flyering, word-of-mouth, and donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.


Your donation is an opportunity to be part of something bigger.  Any monetary contribution is greatly appreciated and helps.   

Election Rules:

  • Prohibit corporate and union donations. 
  • The Individual donation limit is $1200.  
  • You must be a BC resident.  
  • Donations under $50 can remain anonymous.  
  • Donations over $50 requires disclosure of your name and address for financial disclosure. 

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